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Services - 2019-10-11

NSK academy users from Poland and Russia can now undertake training in their own languages

Polish and Russian languages have been introduced to the increasingly popular NSK academy online training platform. For instance, speakers of these languages can now participate in a training course on jaw crushers for the quarrying and mining industry. The desktop for these two countries has also been translated and it is anticipated that the entire NSK academy platform will soon be available in both languages.

The NSK academy offers a series of online self-study training modules, technical seminars and apps, ensuring users have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and practical skills when it comes to bearings. Industry-aligned courses, such as the jaw crushers module, have been devised to help equipment OEMs understand the fundamental principles behind bearing selection in specific applications. Featured content includes segments on typical operating conditions, bearing positions in a jaw crusher and a comparison of bearing designs.

Additional modules, such as ‘Bearing Basics’ and ‘Maintenance Tools’ are also scheduled for translation into Polish and Russian.

Those wishing to take part in any of the NSK academy courses can sign up via a quick and simple registration process. Upon the completion of each module, a certificate can be obtained that requires an 80% success rate in answering questions.

Registered users can also explore apps such as the NSK Bearing Doctor app for stress-free troubleshooting. Bearing Doctor advises on preventative measures that can be implemented before costly failures occur.

As users from Poland and Russia will discover, the NSK academy is an essential guide to the use and maintenance of bearings that highlights best practice strategies to maximise the uptime and profitability of machinery. The platform, including all courses, is already available in English, German, French and Spanish.


Picture: NSK academy users from Poland and Russia can now undertake training in their own languages


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